True vision never changes but becomes clearer over time.  ALWD is a vision that has evolved from multiple passions for design, photography and style.  ALWD is now a company, brand and personal philosophy.  The SHOWROOM is our online shop for well made goods and our HOMEROOM is our online shop for the goods for homes that we personally develop and curate.

Thank you for your patience and support and hope that you enjoy who were are as the A LIFE WELL DRESSED COMPANY.

Being admires of the brand Sidney & Sons New York, ALWD sought to shed light on the brand's most versatile canvas bags while highlighting their distinct utilitarian features and illustrating how effortlessly they fit into the lifestyle of New York City.


Established in 2010 Sidney & Sons is the brand of Londoner Lucy Thompson. The name is a tribute to her father and brothers and a representation of the passion for elevated design, the love of texture, and domestic craftsmanship. 




Life can require an upgrade to every man's wardrobe ever so often.  To provide these upgrades, we've partnered with the historic Manhattanville Tailors to offer Made To Measure waistcoats for life's special moments and occasional wardrobe upgrades.  If you are located in Manhattan and would like to inquire about our Made To Measure service, fill out the form below and let us know how we may serve you.


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