THE SERIES: Is an exploration of the life influences of creative professionals through genuine dialogue, the stories they have shared and the art of film photography.  Behind the distinct personal styles of these creatives, are four "wellness traits" we believe each possess.  From the public works these individuals create and exhibit on a daily basis, we understand each of them to be well thought, well read, well spoken and also well groomed.  These traits are used as the basis of our questions during our conversations at our favorite places for coffee and espresso in each city.  These "wellness traits" we believe are true building blocks of "A Life Well Dressed."  The aim is not just to acknowledge personal style but expose these creatives' core influences to inspire others as they have inspired us.


THE EXHIBIT:  Though initially a web series, the series grew into art exhibition and pop-up in collaboration with analog photographer Laurent Chevalier.  Shooting the first lookbook for MICHAEL THOMAS on analog camera's, Mr. Chevalier skill was able to bring another dimension to the series as digital and social media are the dominate forms of communication.  

The result was a exhibit that celebrated the gentleman featured for their style but also acknowledged them as men. 

The full exhibit was presented at La' Maison d'Art in Harlem New York in partnership with our sponsors Sol Cacao and Pompette Wine Shop.