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My parents were born and raised in Compton, California.  They met in high school, at Compton High, married shortly after and have been together ever since.  Over thirty years ago, they made a conscious decision after getting married to purchase a house and raise their family in the city that raised some of today's brightest stars.  I have so much pride in where I am from and Compton’s energy has always driven my creativity and continues to inspire me daily.  


Created in collaboration with my husband Michael Warren, our Comptonville collection celebrates the City of Compton's, rich heritage, pride and people. Over the years I've learned from my parents that it takes a "village to raise a community."

Compton Cali. Snap Back
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In junior high, I was inspired by the attitude of DC's independent apparel companies and their influence on the city. These companies and a non-profit organization helped my artistic talent meet fashion. I started out with just two tubes of fabric paint 19 years ago and immediately starting creating designs on all the clothes I owned in an effort to establish my own apparel company. I didn't know the apparel company to be established would become ALWD with my wife from Compton California but I'm proud of where I am and where I'm from; D.C. Proper.  


Our first drop from our D.C. Proper collection celebrates this pride and the city's four distinct quadrants placing them under one logo, unifying the Quad City.  Though each area is distinct in it's own right, they all are D.C. Proper and a part of every native's history and every resident's daily life.  

Signature D.C. Proper Embroidered Sweatshirt
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