DC Comic’s epic graphic novel WATCHMEN has found a more than fitting new home at HBO. The influential network invited 150 creatives through the network of the Creative Collective NYC to preview the comic’s return to pop culture through the setting of a new alternative history extended several years after the conclusion of the comic’s final release. The night started with an intimate activation of the shows themes to build anticipation, followed by the very mind binding first episode of the series premiering October 20th at 9pm on HBO. Damon Lindelof and Alan Moore are the show’s creators and have brought forth a compelling new story with Tulsa Oklahoma as a backdrop and lead actress Regina King bringing forth the vulnerability, strength, authenticity of the protagonist Angela Abar. The first episode leads you into multiple directions, universes, questions, and themes all to be vividly explored through the series’ 10 episodes.

Damon Lindelof was approached more than once to create the sequel series that would follow the comic’s three decades of global success and feature length movie developed in 2009. What proved to be Lindelof’s call to the new series was his history with the novel first given to him by his father. Today’s global climate alongside American history gives the story he developed truthful existence amongst the story’s core themes, characters and fans. The historic question of the comic’s theme remains, “Who Watches The WATCHMEN?” But in bringing the question forth in today’s reality “Who are our WATCHMEN?” When applied to the trailer alone, featuring the masked police and vigilantes, the series’ new modern direction is guaranteed to force the audience to examine the real world around them and bring forth impassioned conversations about our trust, fascination, adoration and or disdain of heroes and saviors.

In reflection of the screening, I discovered a biblical passage that gives the dutiful call of the lead character Angela Abar a layer of depth yet brings forth a bit of allegory to the series through this ancient text: “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Isarel, so hear the word I speak about and give them warning from me.” The transcendence of the scripture encapsulates the series’ protagonist and the plot’s direction within an alternative history that the modern world does not want to come to pass. Or has it already? Lets watch and find out… Tune in to HBO October 20th and journey to the new world of WATCHMEN.