creator, Michael Warren and Michael David & Christian Warren

creator, Michael Warren and Michael David & Christian Warren

Culture + Legacy was created to serve the African diaspora to keep at the top of our social consciousness our creative value and encapsulate through imagery the value of collective power in family, business and community. These two words “culture” and “legacy” have been permeating through “pop culture” over the past few years. One of the most notable cultivations of “culture” as an experience was the Creative Collective NYC’s Culture Con. The conference brought together the best minds in all industries for a day of inspiration, style, and education. Before this one day conference, conversations had been intensifying around the influence of the African diaspora on world culture with vivid examples like the impact of the National African American Museum of History & Culture, the success of worldly popular Black Panther and the influx of American stories reflecting black life being told through new and old mediums. All of these influences and more inspired this digital publication to make an attempt to curate an authentic viewpoint into the movements of world culture that inspire us.

Sitting right next to “culture” in contemporary language amongst Gen Xers, is “legacy.” Always present in modern conversation, the word is easily accessible in conversations regarding race; the “legacy” of slavery, incarceration, drugs, divorce and discrimination. All of these “legacies” are being broken down by a new generation of thinkers and creatives. Groups of individuals have shifted their mindsets and seek to cultivate more meaningful lives for themselves and their children’s children. Proverbial text speak that “A good man, leaves and inheritance for his children’s children.” What our children’s children inherit, is up to us the father’s and mother’s of this new history yet to be forged. Our efforts are to find those legacies that have been forgotten but to also find and uncover legacies being built enthusiastically by our peers.

The purpose of Culture+Legacy is to constantly ask the question, “what are you contributing to culture and what legacy are you building?” Though serious and thoughtful, our ambition is to be encouraging and inspiring. We aim to offer the world a intimate glimpse into the lives of individuals and communities in the African diaspora influencing culture and forging new legacies.

-M. A. Warren