ALWDNY - Mr. Marc Williamson (Flamekeeper)



2016 | Location: FKHC, Harlem - NYC


WELL THOUGHT . What is the Key/defining principle you attempt to live your life by?

Be very human.  Be kind. Be principled.  The biggest thing and I’ve evolved into this, exchange positive energy with like minded positive people.  I can’t say that anything was a turning point because I’ve always been a reader. Focused on biographies and autobiographies and self help.  I believe I’ve always been kind for the most part.  I just think it was the natural evolution of things that were happening in my life and I it got to a point when I was being exposed to more.  being exposed to the right people and life works that way and God works that way were my ch’i got more centered and focused.  I’ve always believed in not having a ceiling.  So, I wouldn't say I'm laser beamed yet, I think I’m doing well, but I want to be laser beam as far as being a great human being.  


WELL READ . What was the first book or books that were of a major influence to you?

I can’t say one book because there have been so many great books, but I would say if there were two…two of top that I could think of, and there’ve been many I would say the, Barry Gordy autobiography and the bible.  I say that being a spiritual guy and not a super religious guy.  But just focusing on the basic principles in life and I was raise Christian but reading it as an adult it became more of; if you live your life by certain basic principles life is easier than if you don’t.  

“What book of the bible has been most influential?”

For me, hands down Proverbs.  I’m a big quote guy and being big on self enlightenment, being big on evolving myself and understanding, people around me who are evolving and also just wanting to learn how to be a better human.  I believe the universe gives you what you give off.  Life is about frequency and what you’re giving off, those are the type of people that will come into your life those are the type of opportunities that will come to your life.  I’m just a firm believer in that. Outside of just wanting to walk a certain path, I want to become stronger in that as well.  Because I want my magnetic pull to be stronger. 




WELL SPOKEN . What public figure over the past 30 years (past or present) do you most respect and admire?

People who are doing great things. Who are fighting for whats right.  Whether it’s positive change or whether it’s joy or true happiness to someone.  Those are the people I admire and the people that inspire me for sure.  I’m inspired by people.  People who are doing great things.  People who are fighting for what’s right, positive things.  Whether it’s positive or to bring joy or true happiness to someone. Those are the people I admire.  Those are the people that inspire me.

There are some many people that I do admire who are doing great things.  Presently, without the fanfare, there is one guy here in Harlem.  His name is Kells, he is from Harlem Haberdashery.  They do coat drives, they clean up Harlem.  The laundry list of things he’s involved in are for the betterment of a whole bunch of different things.  I don't know if he is going to be surprised to hear this or read this but he’s doing it!  There should be an army of Kells.  He’s definitely fighting for change.  He is not just talking it, being it!  That guy is definitely one embracing positive change up here.  When I opened, they came took cards and put them in their shop.  That type of positive change.  I think they’ve did a prom, they have a lot going on.  It’s a small..way but they flex muscle up here.  The kid Kells and the rest of the family, they are definitely on point.  

Another person with the change here…I don't know if I can say one person, I would say since I feel like we are all one big great ball of energy, I would say, all the people who are operating on a higher level of consciousness who are super positive no matter what race, creed or color and are standing up for the things that need to be changed.  Like, gun violence, like police brutality.  I think all of those people…I think they are all one person.  They speak and want to be heard.  They are not just sitting at home and putting their fist up at the television.  They are out there being vocal and even in putting positive message even on their social media.  Because there are small army of people with a higher level of consciousness and I think it’s infectious. If anything, I’m definitely inspired by that small body of people that are eloquent, bright and active.  A friend he has a business card and he’s a poet, so I am not surprised at is eloquence.  So the front of the card has his name, what he does, phone number and the back of the card had “Love is action.”  That probably would probably sum up how I feel, when I said, “all the people who are active and doing it!”  You are active out of love for something.  And it’s definitely something positive.


WELL GROOMED . What was the first 3 things you were taught as a young man about your appearance?

To be neat.  That’s one thing I push right now with a lot of younger guys.  I let it be known that you don't have to have to wear a suit and tie, you just want to be neat.  If you cant get a haircut, make sure your line is sharp.  Just make sure your clothes fit, depending on what your mode is. Because I’m really not a hater in that regard, if you like you baggy thing and thats you your stee’ I’m all good with that too.  Make your sneakers are clean make sure your clothes are tight in that regard.  The way people dress, they’re are expressing themselves.  A lot people are like “I miss the days when men wore suits and I wish it would get back to that” and so on and so forth.  I’m not of that school, because everyone is not that.  Everyone is not a suit and tie type of guy. 

That wouldn't be them even if everyone was force to wear it, if it was a uniform for the United States, it wouldn't be them.  I feel like everyone, they way they dress, it’s say a lot about who you are.  It tells a person a lot about you off top, without you opening your mouth or without them having to do a background check.  Just be neat, be well groomed, and put your best foot forward.  Go out everyday to job interview like you are going on a date with a girl you chased after or had a crush on for years.

WELL DRESSEDWhat persons, genre of music, or era have most influenced your personal style?

If anything, I could tell you…Pop music.  Historically over the past fifty to sixty years.  Soul, I like classic rock, you know Rolling Stones had crazy style.  I think Motown, when they were doing it, they were killing it. I am child rap era.  Still a huge fan and of the creativity, individuality the clothing.  I would just say pop music.  Jazz musicians.  Miles killed it!  With the clothing, visually, you know he was a shark.  So that what I would say my influence is.



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