Manhattanville Tailor


The story of Marion Anderson's ascent to respected Master Tailor is remarkable and has been a source of inspiration since I heard it directly from his daughter Ms. Audrey Anderson. Though some tailors of ethic backgrounds were reduced to the task of creating trousers while under Master Tailors in their shops, few were successful with their own ventures but Marion Anderson was the exception. Earning the right to become the first registered African American tailor to teach in New York, I'm more than honored to have been introduced to his family and legacy.


Though Marion Anderson has since passed on, the beauty of the story is Marion's vision to share his talents with the community in establishing Manhattanville Tailors.  In the process of his career he imparted all his mastery to his former apprentice and now a Master Tailor himself, Mr. Henry Smith.  Charismatic and willing to help a fellow designer, Mr. Henry has already imparted his wisdom into my process as I seek to continue offer well dressed men garments that are truly well thought and well made.   More to come but in the meantime stay tuned for what the MICHAEL THOMAS brand is set to offer in 2016.