T H E  S E R I E S

This series is an exploration of the life influences of creative professionals through genuine dialogue, the stories they have shared and the art of photography.  

We believe to have created an intersection of intellect of style.  We sought not just to acknowledge these gentlemen for their unique sartorial expressions but also acknowledge who these gentlemen are as MEN through five questions centered around the traits of being Well Thought, Well Read, Well Spoken, Well Groomed and Well Dressed.  

At the the conclusion of each interview, photographs are crafted to capture telling images and portraits of each MAN.  Each gentleman's portrait combined with each interview tells a complete story of A Life Well Dressed. 

Meet the MEN of #ALWD.

MANQuimari I. F. Majette

PROFESSION . Designer | Made-To-Measure Tailor


From Newark to Los Angeles to New York, this well traveled gentleman is more than a dreamer.   With the ability  to navigate the fashion industry on both coasts, Mr. Majette continues to make strides in the industry by learning quickly and staying true to his key principle "If it doesn't feel right, don't do it." 

portrait by . Chevalier Creative.

portrait by . Chevalier Creative.

MAN . Na'eem Douglas

PROFESSION . Journalist

HOMETOWN Brookladelphia (Brooklyn + Philadelphia)

A gentleman of distinct talents, Mr. Douglas is a man of conviction fueled by his mantra, "Love Is King."  Recognized in public as the Brookladelphian, the work he creates is instantly impressionable.  Mr. Douglas believes, "If you put yourself in someone else's shoes, you would  always treat that person the right way."   

MAN . Dana Glaeser



The pride  of doing something complete and right  is what I've come to find motivates Mr. Glaeser.  His  New York based brand Slightly Alabama is one man's tangible example all that he believes.  

His key principle is rooted in the thought of, "... if you are going to do something, do it completely and all the way."


portrait by . Chevalier Creative.

MAN . Vince Jamael

PROFESSION . Professional Groomer

HOMETOWN . Fayetteville, North Carolina

After meeting Mr. Jamael, I can state that because of his clear vision, ambition, and gratitude, nothing can stand in this man's way.  A groomer by trade and passion, I was stricken when I heard him say this about his clients,  "...I have to treat them as if they are the most important person in my life at the time."

A statement like that speaks volumes.

MAN . Marc Williamson

PROFESSION . Owner of Flamekeepers Hat Club


In  his  iconic  top hat , Mr. Williamson's demeanor is the epitome of calm  and humility but his style  just may tell you everything you need to know about the man who started FKHC in Harlem, NY.

When  asked about the key principle he attempts to live his life by he gave three eloquent statements: "Be very human.  Be kind. Be principled." 


MAN . Joseph Harris

PROFESSION .  Owner of The Union

RESIDENCE Washington, D.C. 

A principled man, Mr. Harris presents himself as leveled, balanced and understanding.  As a husband and a father, life demands a unique perspective which keeps this gentleman consistently grounded and focused on the future.

MAN . Jonathan Zeigler

PROFESSION .  International Trade & Investment Specialist

RESIDENCE . Arlington, Virginia 

This gentleman has his eye on the progression of the world and no matter what is before him, he is confident in his ability to leave a lasting change on it and the people he encounters in it.